El Bodegón de Asia
El Bodegón de Asia Costa Rica

Customer: El Bodegón de Asia.

Work: creation of the brand’s new visual identity.


About the business

El Bodegón de Asia is a company that imports furniture and decorative products from different corners of Asia. It also helps clients to create unique and customized home and business spaces with the Asian touch. El Bodegón de Asia offers exclusive and excellent quality products that are hand-made by artisans from the Asian continent.

bodegon de asia rebranding

LOGO: Before and after

The process

bodegon de asia concepto de logo

Concept: Asian Pagodas 

Colors and Fonts

Paleta de colore de El Bodegón de Asia
Yellow: bright, used in Buddhism. It represents vitality, energy,  purchasing power, spirituality, and supremacy.
Gray: wisdom, professionalism, balance, elegance, experience, and knowledge.


Swistblnk Moalang Melintang, Cairo in Regular y Bold versions.


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