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“Social media is not about the exploitation of technology but service to community.”

– Simon Mainwaring 👍 

Community Management Services

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What is the purpose of being within a community and not creating any value…? this is what many people think nowadays. Having a social presence today is not enough. That is why strategy is very important, all could know about strategy, but not all can know how to apply it.

At Plan MC2 , we have done our homework and have selected the social media channels according to your target, a clear vision, good and interesting quality content that are worthwhile and this is what your users should find on your social media pages, and we can do this for you!

Social Media Management in Costa Rica

social media management costa rica

Social media management has become a key piece of marketing campaigns for companies and businesses in the last years due to these social media channels have drastically grown in recent years.  People are now using social networking sites to find jobs, exchange experiences and information, establish and maintain relationships and, more than ever, advertise products and build brands. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, just to name some of the most popular ones, have developed a complex structure that allows users to share information and ideas across the Internet, offering ever evolving tools to create, manage and share web content. And, most importantly, these sites are allowing their users to share content and information from other sites as well.

Plan MC2  team of community managers has extensive experience in design of graphics and strategies that allow your business to interact with the most popular social media networks, making your content, information and marketing messages available not only to your clients and direct potential customers but to all their friends and relations within the social networks. Social Networks evolve and change constantly, always guided by the needs and preferences of the users. Recently, these networks have become much more than just social places, they are now trusted business networks, where social media paves the road for marketing initiatives and product sales.

The Social Networking specialists at Plan MC2 are fully prepared to plan, develop and track full scale social networking campaigns for companies of all sizes. Focusing on the design and development of effective Social Networking Applications, our Costa Rica Community management experts can give your brand the tools it needs to maintain a constant interaction with the main social networks on the Internet, and at the same time allow your own web site to establish itself as a “community” within your industry.

Social Media Marketing Costa Rica

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Dynamism and communication for your company’s the social media design

Just like traditional online and traditional offline marketing, Social Media Marketing aims to achieve the same branding and messaging objectives, but it is a little different in terms of execution. Social media marketing, is a form of online marketing that takes place on the many social media outlets offered by the Internet, including blogs, social networks, internet communities and all other online forms of social media.  

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Social Media Management with Style

Social media marketing needs to be much more subtle than traditional online marketing because it must adapt to the community-based guidelines and restrictions of each social outlet. Any successful social media campaign needs to generate interest and motivate action in its target audience, but without damaging the brand’s trust and reputation within the social network or social media outlet. Plan MC2 is aware of the delicate nature of Social Media Marketing and creates marketing strategies customized specifically to the clients’ needs and the unique requirements and limitations of each social outlet. Although SSM is generally focused on the main social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, the term also applies a wide variety of forums, news sites, blogs, and industry-specific web sites; basically, any site where the users can generate their own content should be considered and approached as a Social Media network.

Plan MC2‘s Social Media Marketing strategies are all about reinforcing brand presence online and bringing positive attention to our clients’ websites from all available marketing outlets. Advertising is a crucial part of any marketing strategy and the latest marketing trend is using social networking sites to promote businesses. Social networking sites do not necessarily charge to advertise a product or service. As social sites grow more important every day, it becomes essential for any successful business to secure a strong presence and reputation within the social networks. But doing this correctly requires a great deal of time and efforts and it becomes increasingly difficult to look after the operational aspects of your company and all the marketing initiatives that can be implemented online and offline.

Plan MC2‘s Social Media Marketing Services Include:

Social Media Marketing Services costa rica

Social Media Competitive Analysis

Knowing where and how your competitors are actively approaching social networks can be an important factor when developing a social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Graphic Design

Our community management and graphic design team will create posts like appealing images, popular GIFs and videos for social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc with the exact dimensions for each social platform.

Social Media Monitoring and Analysis

Regular monitoring and interaction is key to the success of any social media campaign. We can help you monitor and maintain all your social media initiatives, ensuring a constant and active presence of your brand within the social network scene.

Social Media Advertising

Plan MChas a perfect solution for you, our team of social marketing specialists can help you plan, develop and maintain a complete social media advertising campaign that fits your budget and business objectives.

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With Plan MC2 you will not worry for the social media accounts of your business


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