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“SEO isn’t just about building search engine-friendly websites. It’s about making your site better for people too.”

– Rand Fishkin seo emoji

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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Having a website is good but being found online is better!

SEO is one important step, ideally, before building a website; however, often it is the last step in website development. But why is the website optimization important? Because your business needs to be found to generate sales.

At Plan MC2 we take your website, we analize it, we do a keyword research, we optimize the content and pages. All this will help your website to move up positions in different search engines like Google.

Search Engine Positioning
search engine optimization costa rica
A vast majority of Internet users visit a search engine, portal or community site to find new sites and products, making search engine rankings a key feature in increasing traffic to your site.

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SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of regularly refining your site’s elements in order to have it show in the first results served by search engines for any given terms. With the major search providers growing and changing literally every day, you need a staff of prepared and ever evolving search engine optimization specialists who can keep your site updated and in accordance to all new organic search and paid advertising options offered by the likes of Google and Bing, just to name some of the biggest players in the keyword search business.


4,872,714,428= number of search queries per day”

If your site is not showing up on the first two pages of search results, you are definitely missing out on traffic, visitors and, most importantly, sales.Search engine optimization can drive more qualified traffic to your site, increasing your leads and sales dramatically, maximizing your brand visibility and over all giving you an enormous advantage over your competition. Once you give it a try you’ll understand why SEO is a cost effective addition to any strategic online marketing plan.


A study conducted by El Financiero, Red 506 2017 – Unimer measured the platform that Costa Rican use more to search for information and it produced interesting results which are the following: 

  • 90% Use Google
  • 54% Go to Websites of business or companies
  • 33% Rearch on Social Media
  • 33% People ask friends on WhatsApp
  • 24% Send Consultations via Email
  • 20% People ask companies/business directly

This demostrates that if your business has no presence in the search engine like Google, you are missing a big amount of potential clients and revenue.

Plan MC‘s Search Engine Optimization Services Include:

web search engine optimization Costa Rica

SEO Audit

Analysis of your SEO campaigns in order to ensure that our recommendations are being executed correctly on your website.

Keyword Research and Selection

We will help you to indentify the best keywords to optimize your website according to your products or services, target, niche and competitors.

Search Results

Ranking and keeping the best search result positions for your keywords through optimization strategies.

SEO Reports & Recommendations

Especific analyses and reports that shows the state of your webpages and steps to follow to improve the results in search engines.

How much does a website take to improve its positions in Google?

The positioning in Google depending on several circumstances such as competitors, level of difficulty of keywords, website authority and the competitors’ authority, traffic, page bounce rate, among others. SEO is a medium to long term work and to measure solid results, it is recommended to wait at least 3 months of strategy and optimization to start seeing the first results.


A good search engine optimization work attracts clients regularly. Shall we begin? 


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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Show your products or services easily and quickly in Internet

Successful SEM can be achieved by carefully examining what marketing strategies your company needs to increase visibility and convert searchers into customers. A well-planned SEM strategy can allow your company to take advantage of many opportunities offered by the Internet; including::

  • Placement of paid listing ads where your potential customers are more likely to notice them and click through contextual advertising, which ensures more relevance and visibility in the search results.
  • Inclusion of paid ads in trusted and useful results pages, where they will generate more valuable clicks..

Successful SEM means that your potential clients can find your products or services quickly and easily, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. PlanMC2 has a full staff of SEM specialists ready to help you plan and implement a successful search engine marketing campaign to integrate with your overall marketing efforts.


Sometimes it’s difficult for companies to achieve the kind of growth they need through organic search engine results. To ensure that the search engines are working for your company, we can help you design a SEM plan that applies useful analysis of paid and context ad placement along with inclusive ad placement. Understanding these techniques and applying them correctly can increase your company’s exposure. Our experts can also help in analyzing the results and making adjustments when necessary. In addition to this, our search engine marketing strategies also include defining affiliate marketing opportunities and applying them to increase your market exposure. 


Marketing your products and services on the Internet not a luxury anymore, it’s an essential requirement if you want your site to be found by new clients. Search Engine Marketing techniques can ensure that your products and services are regularly found by customers who are likely to convert, thus increasing your business potential, your exposure, and ultimately, your revenue.


Contact our staff of specialists today and let us start your Search Engine Optimization or SEM project right away.


Tell us what your SEO needs are and we will gladly help you.

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