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“Design is the silent ambassador for your brand.”
– Paul Rand 👨‍🎨

Ideas transformed into images

Graphic Design Costa Rica
We know that a successful graphic design project is an interactive process. Our graphic design experts have experience in designing professional advertising campaigns, marketing strategies, corporate identity and digital media.

Graphic Design Services

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Plan MC2  is a Costa Rican full service marketing agency composed of a talented team of creative minds who can help develop new graphic design ideas for your business. Our Graphic Design specialists are ready to help you develop professional graphic design material, ranging from logo creation, flyers, catalogues, roller-ups, brochures, among others. Our services are fully customized to meet your needs with high quality in the submitted work.


We work directly with our clients to understand their business and to design solutions that fit your corporate vision. Our graphic design experts have extensive experience in designing professional advertising campaigns, marketing strategies, corporate identity and digital media. Our first task is to always take enough time to understand your business goals, whether you want to create a web marketing campaign completely new or redesign your corporate identity.


In each of our graphic design projects we made sure to seek the integration of all elements with aspects of strategic marketing campaign. Plan MC2 has the answers to all your Graphic Design needs. Contact our staff of specialists today and let us start your Graphic Design project right away.


Corporate Branding

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Creation Branding Costa Rica

Let your brand be recognized and have personality

Our graphic design team will help you to develop the corporate image and branding of your company.

Your company might have a name, but it will need a face to ensure that your clients and potential customers remember it and stay loyal. It’s human nature to learn by association, basing our thoughts on recognition patterns. It is also the way most users identify brands and products. Building a corporate image goes beyond good customer service and high quality products or services. From your web site to your business cards, your corporate identity must be recognizable, memorable and in balance with the values of your business..


Corporate Image is not reserved for corporations and big businesses; small businesses and organizations can benefit from an effective corporate identity as well. A positive corporate identity can help small businesses achieve a competitive edge by allowing potential clients to trust your reputation. Plan MC2  has a team of specialists with extensive experience in every aspect of developing corporate identity, and we know the importance of a strong corporate image as an essential part of any successful marketing strategy.

Plan MC2 offers a wide range of services to help you build up your Corporate Image, including:

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Custom Logo Design

Your logo must be unique to your business and effectively communicate your company’s values and personality. A well-developed logo will create recognition in the minds of your target audience.

Custom Business Cards

Business cards could be the first impression that some clients get of your company, they should define your work standards and clearly defined your brand’s personality.

Custom Brochure Designs

Brochures are excellent communication and promotional tools that allow a business to take full control of how and what they want to communicate to their target audience..

Motion Graphics Video Creation

Videos involve more of the viewers’ sight, hearing and emotion. Besides, videos increase a 87% engagement and social media reactions. A video web marketing campaign can increase your target audience’s comprehension and retention making it a highly effective strategy.


Tell us your graphic design needs and we will gladly help you.

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