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“Design is the silent ambassador for your brand.”
– Paul Rand 👨‍🎨

Ideas transformed into images

Graphic Design Costa Rica
We know that a successful graphic design project is an interactive process. Our graphic design experts have experience in designing professional advertising campaigns, marketing strategies, corporate identity and digital media.

Graphic Design Services in Costa Rica

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Plan MC2  is a Costa Rican full service marketing agency composed of a talented team of creative minds who can help develop new graphic design ideas for your business. Our Graphic Design specialists are ready to help you develop professional graphic design material, ranging from logo creation, flyers, catalogues, roller-ups, brochures, among others. Our services are fully customized to meet your needs with high quality in the submitted work.

We work directly with our clients to understand their business and to design solutions that fit your corporate vision. Our graphic design experts have extensive experience in designing professional advertising campaigns, marketing strategies, corporate identity, and digital media. Our first task is to always take enough time to understand your business goals, whether you want to create a web marketing campaign completely new or redesign your corporate identity.

In each of our graphic design projects, we made sure to seek the integration of all elements with aspects of strategic marketing campaigns. Plan MC2 has the answers to all your Graphic Design needs. Contact our staff of specialists today and let us start your Graphic Design project right away.

Corporate Identity (Branding)

1. Branding

At Plan MC2 we would like to elevate your business with our branding development. Your business can evolve with a set of strategies that build your brand’s image (a graphic and emotional representation of your corporate identity).

Branding will represent your business’s value. It is the memento that stays in people’s memory; therefore, it is what helps consolidate a connection between your brand and the possibility to build a community: your audience.

Human nature makes us learn by association based on our thoughts in recognition patterns. That is also the way in which most of the users identify brands and products. Working on your company’s branding implies more than good customer service or providing high-quality products and services.

Plan MC2 works and keeps the five key and essential elements in an ideal branding process:

1. Perception
It is the value people create in their minds about your brand by establishing an image that will be used to later identify your brand.

2. Message
It is the unique and conscious concept of your brand that is portrayed in the different mediums.

3. Personality
If your brand were a person, how could it look like? Describe the physical and emotional characteristics, the personality qualities that one can associate with your brand.

4. Ranking

It is the place where your brand is in the market and it defines which segments it is ranking on.

5. Experience
A combination of knowledge and reactions acquired by people through your brand.

Our customized branding service will allow to adjust your more important communication needs.

The first step is to meet and talk about it! We would like to understand your business to be able to design solutions that can be adapted to your corporate vision with the development of advertising campaigns and marketing strategies.

If you want to fulfill your dream of escalating your own business or renew your actual brand image, Plan MC2 has experience in Visual Identity Development for companies in Costa Rica and overseas, providing an integral branding service.


1.1 Visual Identity Development

The visual identity is a set of graphic elements and other components that will be the face of your company, your services, and your values. That makes it the main strategy of corporate communication. That is why at Plan MC2,  we do not only think about logo design when creating a corporate visual identity.  However, the logotype design is very important because it must be unique for your business and has to effectively communicate your business’s values and personality. A well-designed logo will generate recognition in the target audience’s mind.

When investing in a Visual Identity, your business will generate the brand recognition it deserves little by little because this unique image will allow your business to have an identity, loyalty and it will be different from your competitors.

Elements like the name, shape, color, and tone are the basic attributes that will give your business meaning and strengthen the branding process with the constant use of the message in different media channels.

When developing a Visual Identity with Plan MC2, we make sure that it is appropriate, memorable, simple, and different.

What is our visual identity development process?

We will run a depth diagnosis of your business market: finding problems, discovering your competence, identifying your target audience, and defining the advertising mediums that better complement your business.

Adequate communication is our main goal at Plan MC2. We know very well that your brand is the most important element and that is why your role is essential in the process of visual identity development, conveying ideas to make their dreams come true in each strategy phase.

Let your brand be recognized and have personality

In the first phase of the corporate visual identity process, we have to know what your most important requirements are and have into account your immediate communication needs.

Our designers will help you to define those important corporate materials in order to implement your brand’s new image and take it to the next level!

Within our product offering with graphic design solutions for Corporate Visual Identity, we have the following:

Corporative Stationery Design

  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead Sheet
  • letterhead Envelope
  • Folder

Design of Promotion Materials

  • Company Portfolio
  • Catalogues
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Magazines

Signage Design

  • Exterior Signage
  • Window Dressing
  • Signage
  • Roller Up / Stand

Packaging Design

  • Box
  • Bag
  • Label
  • Container

Audiovisual Production

  • Motion Graphics Videos
  • Explaining Videos
  • Products or Services Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Interviews
  • FAQs

Other Integral Corporate Communication Areas

  • Design for Digital Media
  • Virtual Business Cards


Tell us your graphic design needs and we will gladly help you.

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